What is freight forwarding?

The freight-forwarder is a middle-man figure in the supply chain process that manages and is responsible for the delivery of a product from point A to point B. A good freight-forwarder is also responsible for the cost-effectiveness of the whole process or in other words must organise the whole supply chain process as affordable as possible.

Grain Trading

The Grain Trading department of Bulscan trade is lead by Founder&CEO Georgi Demirev. We work with companies primarily located in Bulgaria while also collaborating with partners from foreign European countries. When it comes to doing business within the lengths of Bulgaria, Bulscan trade has worked with the better half of the country’s grain producers as well as some of the biggest multinational companies and exporters.

For the purpose of fully differentiating Bulscan Trade in the Grain Trading industry from our competitors, in some cases actions which may be considered risky, are taken. All in the name of separating ourselves in the eyes of our partners, while building strong collaborations.