About us

Bulscan Trade was founded

In the year of 2007 Georgi Demirev decided to get involved in the Grain Trading Industry under the tutelage of a company called Ecotrans. 

New Insights

As markets within the Grain Trading Industry began to expand to new horizons, as in Bulgaria, so as in Central and Western Europe, Bulscan decided to take the leap and start collaborating with foreign companies. As a consequence of these actions, so as to decrease expenses, the owner and CEO Georgi Demirev decided to take transport matters into his own hands. 

New Insights 2.0

Since the beginning of handling their own transportation, Bulscan Trade started not only decreasing their expenses but also generating profit from the Transport business, by managing it's trucks all across Europe, with online freight platforms. 

New Partnership

As the transport department continously improved, in the year of 2009, a long-term collaboration with the Danish "Transport Giant" - "DSV" had given it's beginning. 

A New Beginning

In the year of 2011 the CEO, Georgi Demirev continued operating in both the Transport and the Grain Trading industries but under the new name of "Bulscan Trade Ltd".


The constant improvements and knowledge gained throughout the years in Transport and Grain Trading made Bulscan start focusing on the "Industry of Services" by initiating one of the most powerfull "Freight-Forwarding" network in Bulgaria. 

Truck Workshop in Denmark
In order to facilitate and stimulate the profit of our customers, we at Bulscan, with the help of our Ukrainian partners from EVS TRANS, have established a truck workshop in the city of Fredericia / Denmark.
Workshop address: Vejle Landevej 29, 7000 Fredericia
Comming Soon